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Pre-Order School Supplies Through Staples School Tools

Discover a better way to be ready for Back-to-School.

Dear Parents:

Trust Staples – everyone’s Back-to-School Headquarters – to come up with a better way
to streamline the process of getting yourself ready.

Staples School Tools provides you with direct access to the school supplies your child will
need – as provided by their actual teachers – and an easy way to order them without ever leaving

You’ll save time. You’ll save money. And you’ll have exactly what you need to give your child
the best start possible.

Ordering is easy:
1. Go to
2. Click “Parents”, and search for your class by
teacher, school name or city.
3. Click on the correct class to see the list of
items curated by your child’s teacher.

Not only will you spend less on supplies, you’ll be covered with a full quality guarantee and
replacement warranty on everything you buy. Enjoy the total convenience of ordering from
home – complete with free delivery.

You can also choose to order online and request a store pickup, if you prefer. Either way, the time
you save is your own – giving you more of it to spend on getting everybody ready for the big day.
Remember – each list of supplies has been customized by your child’s actual teacher, so you know
that you’re getting a head start on a great beginning to another school year.
Choose total convenience and check one thing off your list.





Staples Tools for School Links to Order School Supplies

Kindergarten: List ID: 186170896396845056

Grade 1 English: List ID: 1518966992273408

Grade 1 French: List ID: 1518986969743360

Grade 2 English: List ID: 1503654645334016

Grade 2 French: List ID: 1521321670344704

Grade 3 English: List ID: 1522663222673408

Grade 3 French: List ID: 1522791417380864

Grade 4 English: List ID: 1524500025835520

Grade 4 French: List ID: 1524305330438144

Grade 5 English: List ID: 1526117106188288

Grade 5 French: List ID: 1525935127920640

Grade 6 English: List ID: 1527723155521536

Grade 6 French: List ID: 1527566712176640

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